The Extra Software (Step 5)

This phase is still relatively in process. There are lots of ways to make web sites more interactive on the server side, and this is what I'm primarily interested in. Debian and Apache are both pretty much set up for using perl scripts "right out of the box." Taking advantage of this, I downloaded a copy of YaBB and set up a basic bulletin board as a favor for a friend.

However, for my own use, I want to eventually develop my site so that it's much more dynamically generated. Taking the time to build an entirely new page and linking it into the rest of the site every time I write a new poem is starting to get really tedious. It'd be nice if I could just type up the poem, give it a little formatting, click a button, and have it automatically pop up in the list of poems on my writing page. This means 2 things: 1) I need a DBMS (database management system) to store all my poetry and 2) I need some scripts to pull the info out of the database and display it properly.

For now I've downloaded and installed mySQL and Python to fill those needs, respectively. I don't have any real experience with either, so this is going to be a major experiment and may not end up in the final result. We'll see. At any rate, that's my tentative direction for the moment.

Apart from that, I wanted to have email addresses at my domain, because I just think that's cool. So I installed exim to handle SMTP and other email-related functions. Again, I got a lot of help from by reading the HOW-TO for Mail Administrators.

So that's it. The ARJServer project in all it's er, em, "glory." Feel free to send comments and questions to (see? it's at my very own domain!)