Category: Techo

Amateur attempts at science and mathematics.

Portfolio Update

Replacement of table-based layout for my online portfolio, as well as some informational updates.

To Do List

A reminder list of things I want to finish up for Homegrown Blogging.

New Blogs Up & Running

I'm working out the kinks with my python blogging scripts and starting to add new blogs.

Reinventing the Wheel - Addendum: Quiet but Busy

Working example of my unnamed Python blogging scripts, and some blogging resolutions.

Reinventing the Wheel Part II: The Database and Getting Stuff Out of It

The second part of my homegrown blogging series, including a full dump of the database structure and some explanation of the Python object I use to fetch data from and add data to the database.

Reinventing the Wheel - Part I: Homegrown Blogging

An introductory explanation about why I develop my own blogging software, and a brief explanation of the database model I use.