Portfolio Update

Long overdue, I spent a few minutes reworking my online portfolio so that it no longer used outdated and semantically incorrect table layouts. It was a bit of an embarrassment, really, but since I'm currently employed (knock on wood-- not that I'm worried), I hadn't made it my highest priority. I have an itching urge to go back through as many of my example sites as I can and redo the old ones in XHTML/CSS also. But that will have to wait.

I also added my current position, as well as some other random stuff relevant to a résumé / CV / portfolio / whatevertheheckyouwannacallit. I decided to go ahead and stress my convertedness to this whole new movement in web dev, I dunno what to call it... standards-based isn't quite right, since tables are clearly part of the HTML standard. The Church of Zeldman? Hee.

It's interesting to see how much my web dev skills have matured, just in the past few months.

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