To Do List

It's funny how I now have 80 billion blogs and I suddenly feel a much greater desire to post than when I only had one blog. It's like there's this creative explosion in my brain. But that's bound not to last.

At any rate, before I get fully out of dev mode I have a few things I'd like to finish tinkering with.

  • Add commenting templates to The Daily Geek and The Geek Icon
  • Pinging and possibly also (I admit it, I get annoyed when my blog never shows up as "updated" on other people's blogrolls.)
  • Implementing trackbacks (will take some relatively serious work)
  • Improve the way my database object modules handle foreign key links between tables (this will take some thinking too, but I have an idea)

November is approaching quickly, and I'm devoting that month to another endeavor. I do want to get comments up and running before that, since it's a relatively trivial step. The rest, however, will have to wait.

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Testing to see if comments work.

ARJ 30 Oct 2003