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Ping... Ping...

Approximately 3,482 years ago I had hoped to set up a ping facility when I updated my weblogs. Through the miracles of technology, I believe this is now a reality.

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Make a Container Stretch the Full Length of a Web Page with CSS

It took me ages to work this out, and I couldn't really find many articles online about how to use CSS to get this to work. So I'm adding my findings here and hopefully they will be of help to someone else.

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Geeks Needing Makeovers?

A little social geek commentary on a news article.

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Marking Up Poetry

In which the author ponders how the heck poetry is supposed to be represented onthe World Wide Web.

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Portfolio Update

Replacement of table-based layout for my online portfolio, as well as some informational updates.

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Stick this in yer Aggregator

Templates for RSS and Atom syndication have been added to

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To Do List

A reminder list of things I want to finish up for Homegrown Blogging.

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Foolish scientists, putting all that power into those little monkey paws.

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New Blogs Up & Running

I'm working out the kinks with my python blogging scripts and starting to add new blogs.

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Reinventing the Wheel - Addendum: Quiet but Busy

Working example of my unnamed Python blogging scripts, and some blogging resolutions.

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Reinventing the Wheel Part II: The Database and Getting Stuff Out of It

The second part of my homegrown blogging series, including a full dump of the database structure and some explanation of the Python object I use to fetch data from and add data to the database.

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Reinventing the Wheel - Part I: Homegrown Blogging

An introductory explanation about why I develop my own blogging software, and a brief explanation of the database model I use.

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