Nerd Dice Links

Free map making program.
D&D3 Spell Sorter
An online tool for organising your character's spells in a variety of ways.
Ema's Custom Character Sheets
A good collection of custom-made d20 character sheets for download as PDFs.
Free Graph Paper / Grid Paper Patterns
This page includes a good range of downloadable PDFs of different graph paper patterns, plus a script to create your own. Good for making maps.
Free Role-Playing Games
A list of freely distributed rpgs available on the web.
Gamespy D&D 30th Anniversary Coverage
A collection of articles on the history of D&D and other related topics for the game's 30th anniversary.
Hero Machine
An image generator for building a comic-book like portrait of your character.
Hypercubed: NWN
Info on creating custom modules, etc. for Neverwinter Nights.
Laughing Pan
Roleplaying publisher, puts out Deliria
Game desgner who worked on D&D, Malhavoc Press.
d20 Fighting fantasy game.
Pen & Paper
General roleplaying game portal with an extensive database of information.
Gaming news, reviews, and forums.
Random Name Generator
An online tool for generating random names from old US Census data. Might be good when you're stuck for a name for your character.
The Forge
For the promotion, creation and review of independent role-playing games.
The Rancor Pit
Star Wars RPG site with a good online utilities section and forum.
The Ultimate Gaming Table
Design plans and description building a gaming/rpging table.
Titan Games
New and used RPG materials for sale, and they will buy used materials.
Treasure Tables
A weblog for GMs - Tips, ideas, and advice about game mastering.
Uncle Bear
A broad-based gaming/genre fiction site with forums, reviews, and products on offer.
Uncle Figgy's Guides
An extensive set of editorial essays for roleplaying.