Nerd Dice: Game Background

Campaign: Rokugan Campagin Date: 05 Aug 2004

Our adventure begins in the land of Rokugan, an isolated continent of Toril. Rokugan is based on a feudal society lead by clan rulers under the central power of an emperor. Rokugan is made up primarily of humans, and though other races can be found, they are rare and stay hidden from the prejudices of the ruling clans.

In recent events, the last emperor was killed. Currently the throne is still empty, and the emperor's children (the Four Winds) are battling for the right of succession.

Also in recent times explorers arrived from a continent in the west, called Faerun. Trade caravans and diplomatic envoys soon appeared in their wake, all trying to forge treaties and alliances with various powerful elements in the country.

Our story centers around a household in the Lion clan, lead by the daimyo Miyagishima Danjuro. Though small in size, they gained the favor of the Lion clan daimyo and are held in high honour for deeds performed during the Spirit Wars. About 10 years ago, Danjuro led his warriors as a Lion clan general against a group of evil hengeyokai (shapeshifters) who were allied with the usurper, Hantei XVI. With his ancestral sword Sharuku, he managed to the shapeshifters through sheer force of will, though he was overwhelmed by their powers and lost all his soldiers in the process.

The Miyagishima Household is made up of 50-70 Humans (~20% nobles, ~80% Heimin). It is located in the stronghold of Yousai Miyagishima, on the edge of the Seikitsu sano Tama no Oi (Spine of the World Mountains) and Kawa Mitsu Hishi (Three Sides River), on the western border of Lion territory between the Lion strongholds of Kyuden Ikoma and Shiro Matsu.

Important NPCs

Miyagishima Danjuro: The Daimyo (Lord) of the Miyagishima household, Danjuro is a 47-year old Lion Samurai held in high respect in the Lion clan for his deeds as a Lion general during the spirit wars.

Miyagishima Haruko: The Daimyo's wife, hence the Lady of the house, Haruko is 41-year old Phoenix Shugenja. She was instrumental in steering Sadako toward becoming a shugenja as well.

Miyagishima Ryushi: The Daimyo's daughter and oldest child, Ryushi is a 21 year old Samurai who has her sights on a place in the imperial guard and the skills and determination to get her there.

Ichiro Misako: Miyagishima Haruko's handmaiden and mother to Washi, Misako is 43.

Matsu Hiroji: The daimyo's yojimbo (personal bodyguard), Hiroji is a fierce warrior (Lion Samurai) at 32 years of age. Hiroji's father served along side the Daimyo during the spirit wars, until his death during the famous battle with a group of Hengeyokai, from which only the Daimyo Miyagishima survived. At the end of the spirit wars, Hiroji, a successful lieutenant in his own right during the war, offered his sword to Lord Miyagishima.