Nerd Dice: Character Background: Hiruma Hirotsuju

Campaign: Rokugan Campagin Date: 29 Jul 2004


Hiruma Hirotsuju
NG Human Crab noble
HD:3D10+6 (24)
Strength:14 (+2) Dexterity:16 (+3) Constitution:14 (+2)
Intelligence:12 (+1) Wisdom:12 (+1) Charisma:10 (0)
Fortitude:+5 Reflex:+3 Will:+1
Initiative:+3 (Dex) Melee Attack:+4 Ranged Attack:+5 (+6 <30ft.)
Armor Class:16 (+3 Dex) Flat-footed:13 Touch:13
Armor check penalty:-1 Climb:+1 (3) Craft (Skinning):+1 (2)
Hide:+6 (9) Listen:+6 (7) Move Silently:+5 (8)
Search:+5 (6) Spot:+6 (7) Wilderness Lore:+6 (7)
Other Traits
Languages: Feats: Race traits:
Rokugani Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot +1 skill point per level
Class traits:
Track, Ambidexterity and Two-weapon fighting (no/light armor), Favoured enemy +1 Human, unlawful/evil/dishonourable


Hirotsuju (or Hiro to those who know him) is a 32 year old ranger in the Crab clan. Hiro's father was also a ranger, in particular, a shadow scout; he taught Hiro much about moving silently through the woods, watching while remaining unseen, and to pay attention to his senses.

Hiro completed his ranger training at the Crab school, and has spent 10 years watching his clan's borders, and beyond. As part of his duties towards his clan, Hiro has caught (and, sometimes, killed) bandits. Hiro's skills of concealment and tracking have dispelled many a brigand's false sense of security!

Hiro prefers the solitude of the road, although he occasionally acts as a guide for travellers.