Nerd Dice: Character Background: Natsume Sadako (and Lolindir Minyatur)

Campaign: Rokugan Campagin Date: 29 Jul 2004


Natsume Sadako
NG Half-Elf Lion noble
HD:2D6+4,1d4+2 (15)
Strength:10 (0) Dexterity:14 (+2) Constitution:14 (+2)
Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom:12 (+1) Charisma:16 (+3)
Fortitude:+4 Reflex:+2 Will:+6
Initiative:+2 (Dex) Melee Attack:+1 Ranged Attack:+3
Armor Class:12 (+2 Dex) Flat-footed:10 Touch:12
Alchemy:+1 (4) Concentration:+4 (6) Diplomacy:+3 (6)
Heal:+2 (3) Knowledge (Nature):+2 (3) Knowledge (Religion):+2 (3)
Knowledge (Faerun):+3 (4) Knowledge (Arcana):+2 (3) Listen:+0 (2)
Perform (Rhetoric):+1 (4) Ride:+1 (3) Search:0 (2)
Spellcraft:+6 (9) Spot:0 (2) Swim:+1 (1)
Other Traits
Languages: Feats: Race traits:
Rokugani, Elven, Common (Faerun) Magic in the blood, Dodge, Great Fortitude Immune to sleep, +2 saves vs enchantment, +1 listen/spot/search
Class traits:
Sense elements (3x day)


Sadako's father was a diplomat from Faerun. While doing work with the Natsume family, he met and fell in love with Riku. The two had a clandestine affair, as it would not be right for an elf and a noble human to be together. Riku became pregnant and they came out and asked for permission to be married.

Although Riku's father was willing to approve the marriage, he realised that this would be an unpopular union (in particular with his wife) and could possibly cause problems in the household. As such, the request was denied. In order to prevent further troubles, when Sadako was born he was sent off with his father to be raised in a different household. Sadako's grandfather promised that if Sadako were raised as a noble, he could return to the Natsume household in the future (when memory of the scandalous affair would have faded).

As a favour to the Natsume family, the Miyagishima house took Sadako and his father in until such a time as it was appropriate for the child to return. Since then, he has only (secretly) met his mother and grandfather a couple of times. He has also encountered other members of the Natsume household when they have visited the Miyagishima household.

Sadako's father Lolindir works as a gardener for the Miyagishima household. He raised Sadako with the help of the Lord and Lady Miyagishima. Lolindir taught his son much about Faerun and the elves, and about nature.

Lady Miyagishima (a shugenja), recognising that Sadako had a strong disposition to magic, helped mold his magical skills. Lord Miyagishima also took time to help raise Sadako together with his own son Toshiro. Although the boys were raised as brothers, there was always a tension created by the knowledge that we are not actually brothers and that Sadako was different. Also there is some resentment from Toshiro that Sadako gets the Lord's attention. Nevertheless he always sticks up for me when in sticky situations. Ryushi, the Miyagishima's oldest daughter, does not seem to mind Sadako's position and presence, but neither is she close to him.

Although the Lord and Lady Miyagishima have fully accepted Sadako, he has noticed that some people do not fully approve of his presence, much less his noble status, though not enough to cause problems in the household. Perhaps there is no disapproval, and he simply imagines it. Either way, he does the best he can to fulfill the role of a noble and be accepted in the household and society in general. He takes bushido very seriously, though sometimes his half- elf blood makes it difficult, and has carefully preserved for his part the honour of the Miyagishima or Natsume households.

Lolindir is an elven Ranger. He traveled to Rokugan together with an elven expedition discovering the lands. He was enamored by the Rokugan culture and quickly learned the language and customs. This made him particularly suited as a diplomat who could guide negotiations between the two groups. He currently works as a gardener for the Miyagishima household, combing the elven and oriental aesthetics and techniques. When Sadako is old enough to be independent or return to the Natsume household, then Lolindir will most likely leave either to return to Faerun, or to discover new places.