Nerd Dice: Character Background: Miyagishima Toshiro

Campaign: Rokugan Campagin Date: 29 Jul 2004


Miyagishima Toshiro
LG Human Lion noble
HD:3D10+6 (23)
Strength:16 (+3) Dexterity:14 (+2) Constitution:14 (+2)
Intelligence:12 (+1) Wisdom:8 (-1) Charisma:14 (+2)
Fortitude:+5 Reflex:+3 Will:+2
Initiative:+2 (Dex) Melee Attack:+6 Ranged Attack:+5
Armor Class:18 (+2 Dex, +4 Chain shirt, +1 Dastana, +1 Chahar-Aina) Flat-footed:16 Touch:12
Climb:+3 (6) Diplomacy:+6 (10) Iaijutsu Focus:+6 (8)
Jump:+4 (7) Knowledge (History):+3 (4) Perform (Poetry):+3 (5)
Ride:+5 (7) Swim:+3 (6)
Other Traits
Languages: Feats: Race traits:
Rokugani, Elven Quick Draw, Great Diplomat, Ki Shout +1 skill point per level
Class traits:
Ancestral Daisho, Weapon Focus (Katana)


Toshiro was born just before his father, Danjuro, went off to fight in the Spirit Wars. In his early years, he showed too much interested in the poetry, songs and tales of great deeds, to the neglect of his schooling in the ways of a Samurai and the Bushido code.

When Toshiro's father returned from the Spirit Wars and his duties as a Lion Clan general, he came to the belief that Toshiro's mother had spoiled Toshiro too much as a small child, and took it upon himself to see to it that Toshiro was raised properly.

Toshiro's father believed that Natsume Sadako, Toshiro's childhood friend and member of the Miyagishima household, had many of the attributes that exemplified the Bushido code, and as a result he spent much time teaching both Sadako and Toshiro the Bushido way, hoping that Toshiro, would learn from Sadako. He saw Sadako as another son.

Although Toshiro tried his hardest to follow the seven principles of Bushido, and will always do all that he can to please his father, sometimes his instincts were poor, and he was impulsive.

This caused some tension to develop between the two friends, which exists to this day, but they still remain the best of friends. Toshiro would lay down his life for Sadako if needed.

As Lord Miyagishima often took both boys hunting, and Sadako's father taught them the importance of a balance with nature, Toshiro grew to love the outdoors.

At the age of 14, Toshiro was sent to complete his training in the Samurai way at the renowned Dojo at Ken Hayai. There he mastered the Katana, as well as completing his education in History, Literature, and other pursuits of the mind. Through hard work he grew to gain the respect of his Sensei and other peers, and passed his gempukku.

He has just recently returned home, and is keen to prove his worth to his father. He would like to join the Imperial Army in the future.