Nerd Dice: Character Background: Ichiro Washi

Campaign: Rokugan Campagin Date: 29 Jul 2004

Washi is quintessentially a hedonistic joker, always getting himself into trouble because of his greediness, and usually managing to wriggle out of it using his quick wits, a measure of charm, and sheer luck. His loves are simple: pretty ladies, good rice wine, delicious food, stylish clothes and jewellery. Unlike some hedonists he's not at all lazy and is constantly coming up with harebrained, elaborate schemes to land him in riches, or just play out a prank. He's pretty full of himself and often imagines that he is the hero of any given situation, even when he's a troublemaker.

Washi was born to the very respectable Ichiro family, who have been servants of the Miyagishima nobles for several generations. His mother Misako is Lady Miyagishima's handmaid and his father is part of the house guard. He loves his parents and is always *trying* to make them proud, but then sees some pretty shiny thing and can't resist the temptation to possess it. Despite his magnetism for problems he's still reasonably well-liked in the household because when he manages to focus he's a good, skilled worker. The reputation of his family also helps the nobles tolerate his goofiness, and in fact sometimes his humorous antics make him into a sort of court jester.

Washi has a special affection for both the young Miyagishima heir and his foster-brother Sadako. He has watched them both grow up and admires them greatly, and constantly fusses over Toshiro-kun. He is more wary of Sadako because of his attitudes/superstitions toward the spirit folk, but always treats him with reverence and respect. However, the impish side of him can't resist the urge to influence the two lads toward his own preferences, and he's always trying to trick or convince them to join him in his pranks and schemes.