Nerd Dice: Chapter 2: By the Silver Sea

Campaign: Changeling: Bellingham Chronicle Date: 12 May 2004

Although the Motley has prepared to leave the Baroness, young Timor the Troll (possibly prompted by his mother's investigative profession) decides to bring up one unaddressed question to Lady Eleonor. He asks her politely where she was the night of the Rhapsody. The Baroness guardedly replies that she was alone in her freehold that night. Knowing she has less than an airtight alibi, she agrees to speak with Timor later at Boundary Bay.

Baron Vortex meets up with the group after they finish questioning Lady Eleonor and tells them about his fact-finding mission. He doesn't reveal much, but he does know that the Baroness was with Lorcán Baine the night of the Rhapsody. Although most members of the Motley are fairly certain that the Baroness didn't commit the crime, they wonder why she was associating with such a shady figure.

The Motley decide to return to the Crossed Horns Pub, where Lorcán is a regular and question him. Their investigation doesn't result in much-- the renegade sidhe simply tells them that he and the Lady Eleonor were meeting to discuss personal business. Meanwhile, as Timor and Glorin spoke with the sidhe, Glayven goes outside and uses Willow Whisper on the seat of Lorcán's motorcycle. He finds that on the night of the Rhapsody, the bike was parked somewhere out in the woods all night.

After finding Lorcán relatively reticent on the subject, the Baron drives the rest of the Motley back into town and heads off with Seealla north of town to the Lummi Indian Reservation. They meet there with three elders from the local Nunnehi family and make polite overtures toward an information exchange. They try to find out more about the mysterious "double" of the Baroness, but the elders don't seem to have any useful information. They also show similar disinterest in the state of the Trod on Orcas Island. The elders recommend that the Baron and Seealla speak with their cousins the Nooksack Nunnehi about the woman they are looking for.

Meanwhile, Timor meets up with Lady Eleonor to hear more about her doings on the night of the Rhapsody. She confesses simply that she was out trysting with another, but won't give any other details. Timor, feeling awkward, doesn't press the issue, but understands that she had spent a romantic night out with the untrustworthy Lorcán.

When dinner is over, the Motley meet back up in the parking lot outside of the Boundary Bay. Something catches Seealla's eye, and Timor notices as well that a small chimerical object is glinting in the lamp light at the far end of the parking lot. Upon examination, the object looks like a compass, with the needle pointing unwaveringly off in a particular direction. Glorin takes the compass and studies it carefully, then the Motley set out in the direction the needle points, curious to discover where it leads.

After walking up the hill out of the parking lot and onto a street, they found that the needle changed direction. Following the needle's shifts, they were led to a quiet park in a residential area. When they reached the center of the park, the needle on the compass vanished and didn't return.

From behind a tree, a strange eshu steps out and addresses the Motley. Seealla remembers this man from the night before; she saw him hiding outside of Jillian McGee's house. The eshu requests an exchange of information, but it's soon pretty clear he wants the exchange to be one way only. A large, muscular eshu woman steps out to join him, and they threaten to kidnap Seealla to find out what the Motley have learned.

Baron Vortex doesn't like the idea of his young protegée coming to harm (or worse-- giving away some of his precious secrets while a hostage) and pulls out an old revolver from his coat, aiming it at Jamaal. Zora, the eshu's partner, looks nervous, but Jamaal signals to her and she rubs a ring around her finger. Suddnely, Jamaal smirks-- unbeknownst to the Baron, a huge chimerical djinn has materialised and grabbed up the lanky young sluagh girl. The Baron threatens to fire his gun once again, and Zora moves to draw her scimitar. Meanwhile, Glorin and Timor have noticed the newcomer and prepare to attack the giant chimera holding their friend hostage. Abdul moves to stop Zora, but is unable to grab a hold of her. The Baron fires on Jamaal, but the sprightly eshu easily dives out of the way of the bullet. However, the noise of the gun shot stirs up the quiet neighborhood. The djinn vanishes, and Jamaal and Zora bolt away into the night. The rest of the Motley use their individual abilities to get away or hide.

Shaken by the encounter and noticing the lateness of the hour, the Motley retreat to their respective homes for the rest of the night, agreeing to meet the next morning. Early the next day everyone climbs into the Baron's car and they drive to Anacortes to take the ferry to Orcas Island.

They arrive a couple of hours later, driving to the other side of the island to Moran State Park, where the Trod stands. Before they get to the entrance of the park, however, they notice a house off to the side with a huge barn. Stacked all around the barn are all kinds of chimerical implements. The Baron pulls up to the house and knocks on the door, but no one answers. Glorin wanders into the barn, which looks like a workshop. As he pokes around interestedly, he notices the barn isn't unoccupied. A nocker woman looks up from her work and angrily yells at him to get off her property.

The nocker, Ji-Sun, grudgingly answers some questions about herself and the area, despite the fact that Glorin continues to insult her. The Baron finally drags Glorin out of the workshop to the rest of the Motley outside, before Ji-Sun becomes so enraged she hurts the younger Nocker. However, she does set her temper aside enough to show them around the Trod if they come back in the evening.

From there, the Motley decide to widen their search for information by splitting up. Timor and Glayven head into the park to find the strip of beach which holds the Trod. They speak to some Boggans gathering supplies off the beach about the Trod. The boggans seem very disturbed by the chimera that haunts the Trod after dark. They describe it as a huge spider that looks like a rotting corpse. The troll and the satyr walk over to the area of the Trod that was pointed out. They see a big dome-shaped rock on a ridge above the beach. When they climb up to the rock, they notice intricate carvings around the bottom of the rock. The trees around the area hold whisps of old cobwebs. They don't get any idea of where the chimera might be hiding during the day.

Baron Vortex drives Glorin and Abdul into East Sound, then leaves again with Sealla for a clandestine meeting. The Nocker and Eshu walk around town, looking for places to find any other information. At a bookshop tucked away in between tourist traps, they find to boggans industriously shelving books and organising the shop. Glorin manages to tick off the boggan behind the counter, but before the pair get kicked out, they do learn that a group of Redcaps arrived on an earlier ferry, and that a pair of sidhe knights arrived, but left for San Juan island shortly afterwards.