Nerd Dice: Kingdom Pacifica Introduction

Campaign: Changeling: Bellingham Chronicle Date: 15 Apr 2004

Local History & Information

Bellingham is a town of about 65,000 people located in the northwest corner of Washington State. There are fairly high subpopulations of Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. Its main industries are the dwindling Georgia Pacific paper mill on the waterfront and retail business from Canadian and other tourists. The proximity of Western Washington University, with over 12,000 students, brings a lot of youth and cultural events. The neo-hippie attitude of many residents and the presence of the university have long drawn Changelings to the area since the Resurgence.

In Changeling society, Bellingham is in the Kingdom of Pacifica. The general area is ruled by the one who holds the title of the County of Whitcombe -- currently Loren Fiorella, a sidhe of House Eiluned. The city itself is under the Barony of Bellingham, held by Eleonor Vanrossum. Both nobles have freeholds in the area. There is also a commoner-controlled freehold outside of town, currently owned by a satyr called Cleo.

The area has been no exception to the tension between European and Eastern Kithain and the Nunnehi. With the relative high proximity of Native American reservations scattered around the Northwest, the two groups have often clashed. In particular the Nunnehi on Lummi Island control a powerful glen which they fiercely defend from the Count and the Baroness. The Nanaimo Nunnehi are also known to make occasional raids on Kithain in outlying areas.

To the south is also a significant Trod, that starts on Orcas Island in Puget Sound and travels through the dreaming to end up on Vancouver Island in Canada. The trod is controlled by the Merrows, an underwater kith that isn't well known to most Changelings. The Merrows usually guard the trod and charge a toll for its use; however, lately the Merrows and selkies in the Sound have been preoccupied with events underwater. The unattended trod is now said to be haunted by a frightening chimera.

But a greater scandal has also stirred up gossip in the Changeling communities of the area. The Count's true dreamer, a mortal musician named Jillian McGee, has fallen victim to Rhapsody-- the most terrible crime a Changeling can commit. And no one knows who the criminal is...