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Holy smokes, the second decade of the new millenium already? And I still haven't been issued my jet pack.

A New Decade

My birthday and the roll over for the new year nearly coincide — I was born on December 31st — so a new year feels doubly like a new chapter for me.

This year is my number 33. Can I actually be that old? Isn't someone who is 33 supposed to feel... like an adult? My dad reminded me when we spoke on my birthday that he was 33 when I was born! What have I been doing with myself the past few years?

Once again I get to the start of a new year feeling like I don't get to spend enough time on the things I really love and enjoy. It's getting near to five years working for my current employer, and when I started I made a promise to myself that I would give myself 5 years to work my way towards a career change. This year will be about stopping myself from giving 110% at work (no more working until 11pm on Christmas Eve, which is what happened this year, to get a desperate mess over the line before my week off for the holidays). They can have 80 or maybe 90, and I will do things I love and find a new path to making a living.

The other thing I want more of in my life is an anchor. One that's not related to working and getting paid. A responsibility that has to do with love and affection, and even fun, instead of fiscal security. That will probably take the shape of something like this:

Quaker Parrot (Ivan)

Obviously, this is not my parrot. Photo credit goes to Flickr user Jim B L.

After a long time wanting a companion animal/pet, and not being in a situation to really look after one, it's finally time to change that. Even though I'm a long-time cat person, I feel like a cat isn't a really appropriate pet for many reasons. Quaker parrots are smart, playful, affectionate, and I look forward to having something to come home to (besides a messy house). Since I am much of a homebody anyway, and work from home one day a week, I hope I can provide the attention and support needed for a happy, healthy bird.

I don't have a true resolution list this year. I just want to take a step back from work and relish things I love: spending time in my garden, making delicious food, spinning and knitting, and hanging out with my favourite boy ever Mr Wiggins.

Things I hope might come to fruition this year:

At 17-06-2011 04:01PM renske commented:

Hi there,
I was wondering if you could help me? I've been trying to locate a copy of the book you mentioned in your blog: a eucalyptus dyer's handbook. It's been hard to find one,

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