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Day two of my Kaua'i trip-- seeing my cousin Angela again for the first time in a couple of years. Originally written on 12/08/2006.

Hawaiian Diary: There and Back Again

My body, I don't think, had adjusted to the new time zone. Sleep was fitful. I must have fallen asleep ridiculously early, maybe 8:30 or 9pm. I woke up at 1am, trying to fall back asleep, still feeling tired. To my body clock it was only 9pm Sydney time, and my brain just wouldn't quiet down. I pulled my iPod out of my bag and put on Sarah Blasko's The Overture and the Underscore, which I always find soothing. Eventually I drifted off to sleep again and surprised myself by waking up fairly rested around seven in the morning.

I got up and went inside, and was treated to the most delicious smoothie I had ever tasted: some yoghurt and fresh papaya, mango, star fruit, passion fruit, and banana, all perfectly ripe, from the garden. Some Earl Grey tea finished waking me up.

David and I packed up a little later and headed for the Hanalei Farmer's Market to buy up some food for Sunday night, when most of the rellies were due in. The market was a popular place, crowded and chaotic, locals and tourists mixed together. David liked to buy local food when he could, though more and more land was being used for housing or tourist developments, and most of the food came from the mainland.

We borrowed some big coolers from one of the kayaking tour operations my uncle had worked for. Packed up with ice, we tucked away the fruits and veggies inside them to keep them from spoiling in the heat & humidity. David's fridge was too small to hold more than was already in it, and we wouldn't have access to the big fridges at Camp Naue until Sunday. After everything had been packed away, we finished the morning quietly, and I wrote in my journal and took pictures in the garden while David and Kathy went for a cooling sit in the river.

We hit the road again around noon to pick up my cousin Angela, who was due in Lihue around 1pm. I even got to drive most of the way— something I haven't done for over a year— while my uncle checked in on Angela by phone and made sure she had landed on Oahu and was on her way.

The three of us ate lunch in Lihue overlooking the bay, and then hit the road yet again, this time to pick up some fun stuff for the younger cousins: a volleyball, a frisbee, a soccer ball, and a badminton set. David and Angela both felt that some of my cousins might fall back on the electronic babysitter for their kids, so we decided to subvert the DVDs and videogames by providing fun alternatives. I love a good DVD as much as the next person, but there's little point in watching movies when you're in Hawai'i! The funniest thing about the shopping trip was Angela's comment as we walked back to the car: "That was the last place I ever thought I'd see you shopping."

"You mean Walmart?" David replied. We all grinned.

On our way home, we cheered on some nurses on strike. Their smiles were gratifying.

Back in Wainiha, lots of catching up and chatting happened. Angela was set up for the night out at the tree house, which was once in a tree, but when the tree died, the little hexagonal room had been saved and put up on stilts a few feet away from The Shack.

Kathy left to give a massage, and the three of us went out to dinner at a Mexican/Brazillian restaurant in Hanalei. Even though I have been long deprived of good Mexican restaurants (by SoCal standards, anyway), I tried something new and had a veggie Brazilian panquequa, which I didn't regret. It had pumpkin, taro, and a few other veggies wrapped in a thin pancake and smothered in sauce and cheese. Angela fell asleep at the table after we had finished our food.

We shuffled off back to Wainiha, mentally preparing ourselves for the influx of relatives, meeting everyone, reuniting, the busyness and organisation we were expecting on Sunday.

I had no problem sleeping all through the night.

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