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Two quick video clips of our luau, with hula dancing.

Thank You Again, Sandy

Here are two very short snippets of video that I took while in Hawai'i. I promise there will only be one more Hawai'i trip post after this to torment you. Then I will go back go comics, B-movies, and fibre arts.

Video 1: I wish I had been smart enough to remember that I had a video feature during the first dance, but they were all fabulous. I don't remember what the name of the song was, but I believe this one was about seaweed. This was a more modern hula— Sandy told us that in traditional dances, the face is expressionless.

Video 2: This was the last hula, with a sweet, romantic English language song. As someone who used to take dance lessons, I was really blown away at how smooth, controlled, and graceful her movements were right up to the end. (Note: kind of a long intro on this one.)

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