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Final update on the blogover.

State of the Geek Address

Just a quick note from the resident geek: I have started a new weblog about my newest (of many) obsession: drop spindling. This weblog will also be devoted to my creative writing endeavours, since my previous writing weblog fell a bit flat. Therefore All Things White and Circular has been usurped by Runcible Spoon.

As for my other remaining bullet point, I have played with the iPhoto plugin for Bubbleshare and I think I will be able to easily upload all of my current online albums once it has warmed up enough for me to use the upstairs computer where all the photographs are stored (have I mentioned that it's a friggin' cold winter here in Sydney this year?).

That is all. You may return to your previously scheduled RSS feed browsing.

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This is the weblog of a computer geek with a thousand interests, documenting the ins and outs, ups and downs of her daily life. A dual citizen of the US and Australia who has settled (for the time being) in Sydney. Read more about her on the bio page.

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