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In which I finally get some time to spend on this web site.


Hello there. I'm back. Literally and virtually. I just spent the week in Canberra where apparently internet cafes are this strange exotic thing that other cities have, and the library doesn't allow ssh connections. I've missed you, intarwub. I would find it surprising if you missed me.

At any rate, if you've ever visited this site before, you may have noticed one or two slight changes. Don't say I didn't warn you— I mentioned I was going to do this last month. If you've never been here before, then howdy, stranger! I'm glad you stopped by. Feel free to leave a comment and boost my ego.

These are the things I've been working on that have happened:

There are a couple of things off the list I still have to do. They are probably not going to happen for a little while longer, since I have to go back to Canberra next week, but they are of reasonably high priority so they probably will happen at some point. They are:

At 17-07-2006 06:10AM Steen commented:

I'm confused and having seizures. Where should I go?

At 18-07-2006 08:29AM ARJ commented:

Let Dr ARJ take care of you. Step right this way into my experimental laboratory. If you have another seizure, just bite down on this handy bit of leather so you don't chew off your own tongue...

At 24-07-2006 05:03PM Kevin commented:

Hmmm, well, I was going to say something about being confused and having a seizure. Now I see that would be worthless, as the comment has already been made. Therefore, I now have the ability to stop seizures, and everyone knows everything as long as they are around me. Nice redesign, BTW :)

At 26-07-2006 02:57PM ARJ commented:

Thanks Kev! How are you, anyway?

At 28-07-2006 04:38AM Kevin commented:

Doing just fine. Sitting here "working." Get to take vacation in a couple weeks. Not going anywhere fancy, but I am gonna camp for a few days. Anyway, back to work. Talk to you later :)

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