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The Geek Icon. Unable to leap tall buildings in any number of bounds (even taking 20). Prefers to sit quietly in the corner and read. Thinker, dreamer, and roleplaying gamer.

I am a geek who was born at 3:09 AM on December 31. Everyone has a party on my birthday. My mom can't remember my first word, but my first string of words was Plane up in the sky! We lived near the airport.

A photo of me sitting on the boom on Katherine When I was two my family moved aboard a 36' Downeaster sailboat named Katherine, after my mom. My fondest childhood memories are of the wind in my face, leaning windward against the tilt of the deck, as we sailed out to the Channel Islands off the coast of California from where we lived. I still miss those days.

photo of me and our trailer at Canyon de Chelley When I was seven, we sold the sailboat and bought a fifth wheel trailer and a one ton truck. In the truck we wandered around North America for three months during which we visited some twenty-odd states in the US and three provinces of Canada. To this day I still can't resist being a nomad and have spent time in: St Petersburg, Russia; Aberystwyth, Wales; London, England; Paris, France; Delft, the Netherlands; and Sydney, Australia. I still need to visit: Asia, South America, Africa, and Antarctica.

When we stopped wandering, my family and I settled down in Wetumka, OK (it's all right if you've never heard of it either). I started third grade, and thanks to some BIA money for our school district, was able to learn how to plot graphics on an Apple //e computer. I loved doing this so much that my parents bought me my very own Apple //e, and I have been mucking around with computers (sometimes to my detriment) ever since.

A photo of me and Mr Wiggins in front of Notre Dame I earned a computer science degree at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA and have worked as a web code monkey for most of my time since then. On my 23rd birthday, I fell in love in Paris and a year and a half later became a permanent resident of Australia to be with my geek boy.

When I want to have fun, I play pen & paper RPGs with a group of degenerates, read comics, throw the frisbee around with Mr Wiggins, hike around Kur-Ring-Gai Chase, kayak in the harbour or hire a sailboat, and spin and knit yarn.

Someday when I am financially independent, I will run a fabulous geek emporium, where other geeks in the neighborhood can come to roll their D20s, argue Marvel v. DC, and buy t-shirts with goofy sayings on them.

Vive le geek!

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This is the weblog of a computer geek with a thousand interests, documenting the ins and outs, ups and downs of her daily life. A dual citizen of the US and Australia who has settled (for the time being) in Sydney. Read more about her on the bio page.

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