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Some congressional jerkwad wants to take our national resources away from us.

Save Santa Rosa

I was pretty upset when my dad sent me the link to this article from Salient quote:

The measure would require the secretary of defense to develop a plan to establish and operate a morale, welfare and recreation operation on Santa Rosa Island for members of the Armed Forces, dependents, veterans, guests and others. The island also would be available for use as a training area for special operations forces.

Know this: I have no issue with the general existence of a morale, welfare and recreation operation for the military. What I don't understand is why it needs to be located on one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California.

I basically grew up on and around these islands. Before Europeans came to the Americas, they were temporary rest stops for the Chumash indians as they rode their canoes up and down the coast. In the 19th century, Santa Rosa was settled by a family that ran a cattle ranch. The historic buildings are still in place. The islands are full of unique habitats for both terrestrial plants and animals and marine wildlife. Some of the plants and animals on these islands don't exist anywhere else in the world. I've hiked all over these islands, swum and gone scuba diving in their waters. I've watched sea lions lazily sunbaking on their shores and pods of dolphins swim by them. I've been rocked to sleep on boats anchored in their harbors. These things are something that every person should get a chance to experience.

Santa Rosa should not be exploited for special ops training exercises or be an exclusive recreation club. When America reaches the day that war (as represented by the needs of the military) voluntarily takes precedence over our history, culture, and natural beauty, then it has completely lost sight of its priorities.

I don't yet know what I can do to make sure this measure never gets passed, but I can start by getting the word out. If you are in California or knows someone who is, complain to your representatives. Especially this one.

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