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So, yeah. We watched Serenity last night. It was cool. I loved it. I laughed. I cried. I don't have any special observations beyond that I really, really enjoyed it and I felt it was a nice extension of the things I liked about Firefly.

We didn't really have the time or money to join the initial rush and watch the film when it first came out. We had a shot at watching a sneak preview, but the tickets were just a wee bit too dear for us. So we waited until the crowds thinned out a little and for "Tight-wad Tuesday" (you don't find cheap matinee showings here— you wait for a Tuesday night).

But we did find a way to fully indulge our nerdish fandom to our own satisfaction. Thanks to Ms Mouse, I got the idea of making the hats from the Firefly episode "The Message." I brought this up casually to Mr Wiggins and he seemed pretty keen on the idea, so we commenced to the yarn shop and spent a lot of time annoying the shopkeeper and bickering about yarn. Then we spent many long hours with me impatiently and ineptly trying to teach Mr Wiggins how to knit and him forgetting how in between knitting sessions and asking me to check his work every few minutes.

Somehow, amazingly, we both managed to finish our hats and we wore them together to watch the movie, King and Queen dork. It was great. I think the only thing I wasn't happy with was we both made our hats kinda too big. Nothing that a few minutes in the dryer won't cure, though.

Mr Wiggins models his hat. He added extra tassels to the earflap strings and I think they look shiny.

Mr Wiggins models his Jayne Cobb hat

Here we are in both our hats, just about to head out to see the movie.

Two dorks in hats

How's it sit? Pretty cunning, don'tchya think?

At 12-10-2005 03:33PM Sean Seefried commented:

If only you'd added some straw the effect would have been complete. Either that or Adam could have work on being as buff as Jayne.


At 12-10-2005 04:10PM ARJ commented:

Well, he has been going to the gym...

He's just not quite Jayne buff yet.

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