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What it looks like where I live: a little photo-journey.

In Your Neighbourhood

One day last month I was feeling pretty house-bound again and decided to venture out alone with my camera. My initial idea was to take some pictures of things I wanted to incorporate into artwork for my new poetry book idea. After a bit I started taking pictures of things around the area that caught my eye and some sights that I see regularly and just like for some reason. This is the best of that batch.

Photo of an alley in Newtown

I don't know why in particular I liked this alleyway; it just looked kind of neat. The overhanging green, the narrowness, the darkness. It looked like one of those perfectly ordinary places where if you walked through it, you'd end up somewhere strange and completely different.

Photo of a mural on Enmore Road

I usually see this mural when I'm walking home from the train station. It depicts the intersection a few blocks behind where Enmore Road splits off of King Street, with a few exotic additions. I really like the animals.

Photo of the back of the Defiance Gallery on Enmore Road

Also on the way home is the Defiance Gallery on Enmore Road. The front of the gallery, which faces the main street, occasionally has interesting art that I like. The back of the gallery can be seen from Station Street and inexplicably has what looks like the bow of a dinghy jutting out beneath the upstairs window. Perched on the very tip of the bow is a little maritime looking fellow. The dinghy is getting pretty dilapidated, and I'm not sure it's seaworthy anymore.

Photo of graffiti off of Enmore Road

A lot of the alleys and streets in the area have great big graffiti murals sprawling along walls of houses and yards. Sometimes we walk by some guys with paint rollers and spray cans in the middle of adding new decoration to the side of a terrace. These aren't bored kids tagging any surface they can; they either have the permission of the home owners or are dedicated enough to their art form that they don't seem bothered by vandalising homes in the middle of the day. This isn't my favourite pictured here, but I do like the fact it has more imagery and less illegible graffiti-style writing.

Photo of a sign on Phillips Street prohibiting graffiti

The town council doesn't seem to be very fond of the graffiti in the area. In turn, the graffiti artists don't seem to be too fond of the council.

Photo of political graffito on Phillips Street

There's also a lot of stencil graffiti, some of it very political. This one's my current favourite.

Photo of a flowering tree on Phillips Street

I just really like this tree, especially backlit by the setting sun. This was actually the kind of imagery I set out to find, but I didn't take this photo until I was almost home again.

At 12-08-2005 04:25AM Sour Duck commented:

I don't have anything particularly insightful to say (as your comment field suggests), but I really liked the quirkiness of the window with the bow of the ship sticking out beneath it, and the humor of the comment on the Marickville Council sign.

A nice photo essay. :)

At 23-08-2005 04:59PM ARJ commented:

Hmm... well, my opinion is, anytime I receive a compliment, it's insightful!

On a more serious note, thank you. :-)

At 03-10-2005 07:42PM Nick commented:

Nice blog.I like this.

At 18-10-2005 02:52PM catherine commented:

Hi! I live in Newtown and also go out and take photos of things. I am doing an assignment at uni about graffiti and have taken all of the same photos that you have taken of everything on this page relating to graff. What a co-inkydink! :)

At 19-10-2005 12:16PM ARJ commented:

Hail, fellow Newtownian! Thanks for stopping by, catherine. :-) I hope your assignment goes well.

At 03-11-2005 01:24AM Glenda Pontes commented:

I think it is great that you are recording what newtown looks like for the future, but not only for prosperity's sake but also because you are portraying newtown in a beautiful way!
I am def a newtownian, a proud one too.
Would love to see more of your photos.
I was there when the boys did the "it's like a jungle sometimes' and the graffiti warehouse is where my friends live, so I'm very curious to see more!
also i do graff to, only stencils tho...

At 08-11-2005 01:29PM ARJ commented:

Hey, Glenda... I'll have to do another photo walk when I get a free weekend. It's gratifying for me that I am getting visits to this page from locals!

What stencils have you done? I usually walk around the underpass that goes beneath the rail line, Camperdown Park, Enmore Rd, & King St.

At 14-11-2005 08:28AM Beck commented:

No insight... rather hoping you might give me some. i've fallen in love with some of the stencil graffiti i'm seeing around newtown, glebe and annandale. i'm keen to get in touch with some stencil artists as i need someone to come up with a logo for the charity i'm starting - Food Water Shelter (it builds orphanages in developing countries)... i've got a concept and reckon it would work brilliantly as a stencil. anyone interested? anyone? anyone know anyone who might be interested? anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

At 15-11-2005 03:08PM ARJ commented:

Hi Beck,

I don't personally know any of the stencil artists, but hopefully a small trickle of traffic will keep coming to this post & see your comment. Here's wishing you good luck.

At 23-11-2005 10:24PM Glenda commented:

Hey Everyone!
This is indeed a great site hey?
Beck if you need help just email me ok?

Hope you are all having a great week!

At 10-12-2005 03:51PM shane commented:

have you got anymore graff flicks i live in the blue mountains and dont get the chance to see the city often

At 12-05-2006 12:31PM mEkSkE commented:

its gay ahahahahahahaha

At 29-05-2006 05:44PM Alia commented:

Been, wandering around newtown, taking pictures also. Particularly of stencils, as I am into them, so have started stenciling the side of my house. Great website: with a 1km radius from Newtown Station of photos of stencils:
Perhaps we will run into eachother one day and have a photo standoff!

At 14-06-2006 02:51PM Egga commented:

anyone no where i can get my hands on stencil graf canvas? In melb?

At 26-08-2006 06:33AM Jennifer commented:

I also have a fondness for backlit trees. I've tried taking pictures of palm branches at dusk, but even the slightest swaying of the branches gives enough blur to the pictures that the crispness I especially appreciate in person cannot be captured.

At 02-03-2007 02:23AM allie commented:

the animal grafitti is beautiful i think they are really talented !!

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