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A sunny winter afternoon spent at Watson's Bay. We needed to get out of the Inner West.

Watsons Bay

One day a couple of months ago, Mr Wiggins and I were getting cabin fever and both decided we needed to do Something New™, so we packed up some delicious antipasto, bread, and cheese, and hopped on an eastward-bound bus to the seaside.

It surprised me how many things were in bloom in June as we walked around South Head Park after having a picnic lunch at Watson's Bay. It was the first truly warm day in a while and it was nice to get away from street traffic and pollution. Below are my favourite photos from the day. There weren't a lot in the first place, and I wasn't too thrilled about how many of them came out, but at least I had a good day.

Photo of flowers at South Head Park

I saw these flowers blooming everywhere, pink and fleshy. This one came out a bit overexposed, but it was actually the best of the bunch.

Photo of banksia at South Head Park

The banksia trees were proudly brandishing lemon yellow bottle brushes. A lot of the flowers were too high up for my puny digital camera's focal length.

Photo of red flowers at South Head Park

These trees with pretty red star-shaped flowers were all over the place, and they seemed to be popular with the lorikeet/rosella set. The birds looked beatiful flitting in between the bright red flowers, but none of them would hold still long enough for me to take a photo.

Photo of Mr Wiggins at South Head Park

By far, my favourite thing that day. ;-) Yes, I'm being deliberately cheesy.

Panoramic photo of the entrance to Sydney Harbour

No day at South Head is complete without a breathtaking view of the ocean. Here is my poorly-stitched together panorama shot, linked to a slightly larger version.

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