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If Londoners can't be that bothered about it, then should I be? More of the usual mundane stuff to follow instead.

Is it Safe to Post Without Mentioning London Now?

Don't get me wrong. I was saddened to hear about the explosions in London. I had a few people that I sent worried emails to. They are OK. I read with wide eyes about people who had just missed becoming shrapnel. These things are all bad. But there's also perspective.

My perspective is currently (and unfortunately) focused on anything but the world's problems. But alas, it is the only thing I'm qualified to babble on about.

So the disease-plugged-ear thing eventually cleared itself up. I can highly recommend to you, if your ear is entirely congested with mucus, to fill a hot water bottle with very hot water and put it against your ear repeatedly. This did the trick for me much more than the drugs did and the only side effect was a very pink ear which quickly reverted to its normal colour.

I can also highly recommend that, when someone in your house-- say, Mr Wiggins-- is showing x-rays of his fractured cursed toe* to someone else, and you are in the kitchen cutting up spinach and rocket for a salad, that you do not look up from the cutting board to have a look as well. You may well end up cutting off the tip of your thumb. I narrowly missed this experience, but still managed to make a nasty deep cut in my left thumb and thumbnail. It's sealed up now but still hurts when any pressure is on it.

Since then I've been fantasising about warm tropical beaches and places where no-one's heard of the phrase "corporate intranet". I am, in short, suffering from my yearly winter blues and burnout. Just keep me away from any copies of Kon-Tiki lying about and I should be all right.

Today was better than usual. I actually managed to get up when the alarm went off, instead of an hour later. I've been trying to distract myself with New Things™ and one of them was, finally, to get a book on bookbinding. I've been curious about the process for a while. I mean, it has to do with making a book, so how could I not be interested? I have an idea for a practice book that I'd like to attempt this weekend (given time). We'll see how it goes. The overarching goal is to be able to put things like lino-cut prints and poems into a nicely bound book to send to my relatives & friends this year for Christmas and revive the poetry collection thing. It'll be a little more expensive than stapling together stuff Xeroxed at Kinko's, but I think it'll be enjoyable and make an even nicer present.

* The cursed toe, Mr Wiggins' left big toe, was fractured once many years ago and then subsequently ruptured several times. It was also the toe that was attacked by a vicious hobo spider which resulted in a trip to the ER while we were visiting my sister in S California, and just a few weeks ago he managed to fracture it again in a different place after slipping slightly in the shower.

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