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Tenacious D rocked the Enmore-- and my world. Ohhh... to be a rock star.

Rock Your Socks Off

A scan of
my ticket stub from the Tenacious D concert at the Enmore

Top five best birthdays in chronological order:

  1. My first real sleepover birthday party when I was seven. I had a Cabbage Patch Kids theme.
  2. Senior year of high school, Jonathan S, the boy I had a huge crush on, came to my birthday party and impressed us with card tricks and prestidigitation.
  3. For my 18th birthday, my parents arrange a trip back to California to visit all my high school friends after moving up to Washington. We watch Vampire Hunter D after I almost didn't make it due to massive snowstorms in WA.
  4. Meeting Mr Wiggins in Paris for NYE 2000. We kissed at midnight next to the Eiffel Tower in the rain. Ooh la la! Then we walked for what felt like 10 miles in the wet, freezing cold because the Metro was closed.
  5. Having Jack Black and Kyle Gass rock my socks off at the Enmore Theatre two nights ago!

Tenacious D was so awesomely awesome, and not "awesome like a hot dog" (to quote Eddie Izzard), but truly mind blowing. It was Mr Wiggins' first real concert (ie not just some live gig at a pub) and it has been a long time since I caught a genuine rock 'n roll show like that.

We had a blast. There are no other words for it.

Some other obsessed fan posted the set list here. I think my favourite may have been a tie between "Wonderboy" and the King Kong song.

As well as paying for the tickets, Mr Wiggins also purchased for me a Tenacious D t-shirt:

This is a photo of me posing in my new t-shirt

New Year's Eve itself was spent at a friend's house geeking out and watching the fireworks on TV. Now this may not sound like a glamorous way to spend NYE compared to other folks' nights, but since I got chocolate cake for my birthday, it was the perfect way to end the old year and ring in the new one.

Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for 2005!

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