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What do two geeks in love with no television buy each other for Christmas? Why, a really sexy 20" BenQ LCD panel for watching DVDs and playing Doom 3, of course.

A photo of
our new monitor in action

Santa's little elves ensured that it got delivered on Christmas Eve. It is so sweet. Who needs TV when you've got superior resolution?

At 31-12-2004 12:36AM Stefan commented:

But true geekdom only shows in posting it on your blog...

Still - I am pretty sure I saw a TV last time I was around. Oh what unspeakably geeky things would have happened to it? Who needs superiour resolution when you can't enjoy it sitting on your comfy couch? Don't you miss all the crappy shows on TV one can waste whole weekends on? How's your PS2 without the TV? Why is my boss asking me whether I think that he pays me for writing blog comments?

At 01-01-2005 11:57AM ARJ commented:

Well, Stefan, we had television hardware but got rid of the cable tv as of Oct. So I was a little ambiguous with that statement.

The PS2 looks OK, but a little fuzzy-- I think we need to try an s-video cable on it instead.

We waste whole weekends on crappy video games now and rented episodes of DS9 :-)

And obviously your boss is one of those micromanaging types!

At 03-01-2005 06:09AM Stefan commented:

Now that answers a lot of questions. But then I thought you were through with DS9 - or was it Voyager? Aaah, the memories are leaking from my nose!

P.S.: I'm only commenting from at home now. My boss is growing pointy hair.

P.P.S.: Insights are in short supply these days, hence only plain old comments.

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