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...I don't think I'll move to grief or acceptance.

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"We are one country, one constitution and one future that binds us..."

- George W. Bush

"One People, One Reich, One Führer!"

- Adolf Hitler

One Bush Poster

At 04-11-2004 11:36AM Dorothea Salo commented:

Been passing this link on as widely as I can:

At 04-11-2004 02:22PM ARJ commented:

Thanks Dorothea. That is a good one. I also like the one of a similar tone that Xeni Jardin posted on BoingBoing:

At 08-11-2004 04:00PM Etherblade commented:

On the bright side, that jacket certainly looks dapper.

At 09-04-2007 01:18PM jack commented:

how dare you put that douchebag's head on a great man's body.

At 10-04-2007 07:11PM ARJ commented:


And on that note, I think I'll be closing comments on this one now.

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