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But a bit brain dead. Reminiscing about four days off.

Not Dead Yet

Not much to say. I'm still pretty overworked. Hopefully a new hire will be appearing soon at work and help take off some of the pressure.

I managed to squeeze in a holiday earlier this month; just a four day weekend where Mr Wiggins and I drove up to Lake Macquarie. I left my digital camera behind and gave film ago. Here are some of my favourite shots. There are a few of some kookaburras that liked to hang around our B&B not included here, since that roll of film hasn't been used all the way yet.

We got in late Friday afternoon and vegged out and ate a huge delicious dinner at the local pub. The next day we set out for the Hunter Valley and stopped at Tyrell's winery to sample some of their vintages and take a case of reds home.

Photo of Tyrell's winery

Photo of Tyrell's winery

The dusty yellow of the winter hills reminded me a lot of certain parts of California.

On Sunday we went out on the lake for a short cruise. The lake itself wasn't particularly scenic since the land was pretty flat, but there were a lot of nice sailboats out on the water and it was a beautiful day.

A photo of a sailboat on Lake Macquarie

In the early evening we walked through the State Park across the road from our B&B that bordered the lake.

The trail through the State Park on Lake Macquarie

The sky reflecting off of Lake Macquarie

The sky reflecting off of Lake Macquarie

At the end of the trail we arrived at the grounds of the local hospital, which played host to masses of kangaroos. The locals would feed them bread and they were pretty tame.

Adam feeding a kangaroo a piece of bread

A juvenile kangaroo

A kangaroo jumping

At 22-08-2004 11:48PM Kiggy commented:

Just popping in with a "hello", see how you're doing on the underside of the world ^^ (I read your blog every Sunday, Andrea.)

How's winter in the Southern Hemisphere?

At 26-08-2004 12:52PM sean commented:

love the photo with cloud reflect

At 17-10-2004 04:36AM commented:

i miss you

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