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I Consider Myself a Nerd

So last night we finally got around to watching American Splendor. It was a good flick. I didn't realise anyone was physically capable of scowling that much.

But the unanimous house favourite was Toby. Toby is what I'm all about. I totally get Toby. His philosophy is the one that created my concept of the "Geek Icon."

Between watching that movie and reading this blog I just stumbled on, Everyday Matters, I have been thinking a lot about merging images with art. I'm not really big on the comics scene, I know who R. Crumb is but I've never read his stuff. So even though I'm not a comics geek, I like the idea of comics. I've always liked visual arts and I've always liked telling stories. The concept of putting the two together easily appeals. Last night I finished the book I was reading so this morning, instead of picking a book to read on the train to work, I grabbed my pencil and a little sketchbook. I started doodling things I remembered from Anacapa Island.

I have more time machine stuff to write, too. It seems like a lot of things I write about memories and family relate back to my dad. But I have this quiet deep bond with my mom as well, that for some reason is hard for me to articulate. The funny thing is, without the literacy that my mom encouraged and fed me, I probably wouldn't be able to articulate much at all. She made reading a priority for me and as far back as I can remember, we either read together, or I would find a book that she was going to read to me and just start in on it myself.

I was thinking about comics and thinking about stories, and my love for books and writing and stories is really deep. It's standing out in my brain lately. It all goes back in a big giant black arrow to my mom sitting and reading together with me, many of the stories of a wonderfully fantastic nature. My dad didn't discourage me from reading or anything, but books are definitely my mom's realm and my realm. My dad likes to deal with the physical world more, I think. Not many books captivate him enough to really allow him to sit still for long. But my mom and I just need a few words and we're off on adventures in my head. I don't think I tell my mom enough how valuable that is to me.

My bookworminess is something that set me widely apart from my peers in school. Even up to college, when I was forced to take English 101, I was surprised to see my vocabulary outstripping my classmates in some cases. It is part of what makes me geeky, but sometimes I sort of take it for granted. In the past few weeks I've been trying to pay more attention to my creativity; not so much the act of creating, but just imagining ideas and being dreamy again. I've been filling up my head with the raw soup of images coming to me from things I read or things I remember. It's been good, even though I don't have much to show for it yet. It's good to be back in the book world, the story world. When I have more to share about it, it'll be over here. For now, I have to concentrate on Changeling

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