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It's who you know. What I did for my Easter Monday holiday.

Celebrity Wedding Weekend

I never imagined myself at a wedding where Woman's Day had exclusive rights to photograph the ceremony. These things can happen, though, when your SO's big sister is an indie film director who falls for an Australian actor.

We stood on a cliff overlooking Clovelly beach under the hot autumn sun. I got a sunburned nose. It seemed like we waited forever for Sam to show up, and then she came walking up across the rocks in a beautiful dress with a long white veil streaming out behind her in the wind. Looking out over the sea, with the sun shining down and the dramatic view, it was a beautiful day and a wonderful ceremony. It was deep without being solemn and pretentious. It was honest and funny and sweet, and I think everyone there wished the two well.

But of course, I'm no big romantic, so the best part for me (even though I obviously loved being out under the sky and looking over the open ocean) was the free food and drink and the big party afterwards. We sipped caprioskas and sat through the speeches, me pouncing on waiters with hors d'oeuvres since I hadn't eaten breakfast and had been standing around in the hot sun for two hours.

After a mouthwatering lunch with recipes made up by Jeremy and a friend, the band started up and everybody joined Sam and Jeremy for their first dance. We were hoping Peter would get up on the stage and sing for us but he just grooved on the dance floor, his shiny bald head way above everyone else's.

But you can tell I'm a complete and utter geek, when, even among this elite crowd, I sat in the corner with Mr Wiggins unable to stop making jokes about one of Sam's oldest and closest friends. We couldn't decide if we wanted to a) walk up to him and say, "Hello, Mister Anderson," b) beg him to recite something-- anything-- in Sindarin, or b) do a number for us from Priscilla. Instead, we remained well-behaved and let him chat with Sam and relax with his family.

All-in-all, it was a great day, but I'm not sure I could do it every weekend. I'll stick with being a geek-- it's what I'm good at.

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