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Some examples of etchings I made in my printmaking class.

Finally-- Etchings

Below are the best examples I have of etchings. I made a few more but they didn't come out as well as I would have liked.

Etching of flowers in a vase

This is a really simple etching, demonstrating the most basic sort of etching techniques. A ground is placed on the coper plate and lines are scratched out of the ground with a needle. Then the plate is placed in acid to eat away the uncovered areas of the metal. After cleaning and inking, the plate is run through a press with a piece of paper.

Aquatint of the Seattle Space Needle in sepia Aquatint of the Seattle Space Needle in blue

These two etchings were based on a photo I took of the Seattle Space Needle. I first used the process above to do the outlines, and then added what's called an aquatint to provide the shading. After the first etching, the plate is cleaned off and the areas that are to be kept lightest are painted with bitumen. Then resin is sprinkled on the plate and melted, and the plate is put in an acid bath. The little dots of resin create a fine-grained texture on the plate that holds ink for "grey" areas. I did an aquatint twice, once for medium toned and then dark areas.

That's it for etchings. On to my mermaid.

At 13-04-2004 12:32PM Tish commented:

They're really beautiful.

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