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My final project for printmaking: a lino cut print based on Waterhouse's painting, A Mermaid.

A Mermaid

The print I probably spent the most time on was my lino cut version of a John William Waterhouse painting.

First proof of A Mermaid

Here is my first printed proof. As you can see it's a very simplified version of the painting, focusing on graphic shapes and contrast. There were a couple of things I wanted to clean up. For one thing, her tail sort of blended in with the ground too much and was hard to pick out.

Second Proof of Mermaid Lino Cut

In the second print I've carved out her tail a bit more to make it lighter. Now I wanted to do something about the water. The waves just before the shore look all wrong-- I just made crisscrossed lines to represent the foam. That can be improved upon, too.

Third Proof with Two Plates

In this version I have carved all the water out completely and created a second plate to represent the wave. This also allows me to make the water a different colour from the rest of the print. There are little details I could fiddle with until the end of eternity, but overall I'm pretty happy with this final version.

The Final Mermaid Print - Green and Black The Final Mermaid Print - Brown and Grey with Gold Highlights The Final Mermaid Print - Indigo and Green

Once I had my two plates the way I wanted them, I got some nice rice paper and started playing around with mixing different colours of inks. Here are three of the best of those experiments, but I have a lot more that I didn't scan in.

At 03-04-2004 02:27AM commented:

Really interesting stuff. But seems really time consuming too. How long would it take to make one print?

At 07-04-2004 09:15PM ARJ commented:

Well, it depends on how careful you are. This particular one took me three classes (with about two hours actually working in class). About one class per version, and a lot of that time was also taken up with doing proofs and getting the inking right.

At 28-05-2005 01:33AM Lindsey commented:

Oooo, those are pretty! We still have some of the same interests; I just finished a screen printing class!

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