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A loosening up of the schedule, like a corset with snipped laces, has brought an end to my need to swoon. Y'know?

Breathing Space


As much as I loved printmaking, it took out a big chunk o' time. And since we both have fairly busy schedules anyway, it was making Mr Wiggins dissatisfied that he saw about 2 seconds of me on Monday nights. So it's kind of a nice thing that printmaking has now ended. I do have a few more prints to scan in and post of stuff I did for my last class. I may also buy up some supplies to do some lino and woodblock prints at home, since you don't need a degree in chemistry to do those.

And now I will have time to do stuff like actually write again. First I must finish preparing my Changeling: the Dreaming game. It's going to be a murder mystery, but there's not actually a murder. It's the psychic vampiritic Changeling version of murder, though. I hope it's fun. I'm nervous. I had a lot of fun coming up with characters and plot, and I hope the players pick up on that. We're waiting for one player to come back from holiday and then we dive in... Gulp, here I go. I've never been very confident starting out new things.

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