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I got a scanner this week and am starting to digitise my experiments with printmaking. Here is the first set of woodcut prints I made back in Sept 2003.

More Visuals

Last September, Adam's mum Penny invited me to a printmaking class she was taking in North Sydney. I've always enjoyed all kinds of visual arts, so I gladly joined the class and started learning about woodcut prints, lino prints, and making etchings on zinc and copper plates.

I finally have access to a scanner again (bought one this week with money from my first permanent employee paycheck, woo woo!), so I've started scanning in some examples of the prints I made. Here are the first set of prints I ever made, in order to learn woodcut or woodblock printing.

Shell Woodcut Print: 1st version of 4

This was my first simple assignment: pick a subject and draw an outline in it, then carve out the lines. This method produces an inverse image of the subject-- white line print. I picked a shell as my model and sketched a very simple version of it. You can see I was still getting used to carving, as there's an out of place scratch.

Shell Woodcut Print: 2nd version of 4

At this point I added decoration to my shell. I decided it should be on a beach and sneakily used sand and pebbles to cover up my oops. I also learned how to carve parallel grooves to make a black outline of a shape.

Shell Woodcut Print: 3rd version of 4

This is an offset print. The light yellow ink is pressed first and then covered with a slightly offset print of black to make interesting highlights.

Shell Woodcut Print: 4th version of 4

Finally, I made a reduction print. I made some light-coloured copies of the print with my shell on the beach block. Then I carved away additional areas where I wanted medium tones and made a red print over the yellow. I carved away even more the third time and made a blue print over that. The final result has white, highlights, midtones and shadows. Of course, then the original cut is lost, so I can't really use the block anymore.

Well, that's it for now. Much more to follow later.

At 19-03-2004 03:56AM Shelley commented:

Interesting what goes into making these. The end result is very attractive.

At 20-03-2004 04:25PM meg commented:

The process is interesting and the end result is very interesting. Enjoying looking through your pages here. Thank you.

At 05-05-2004 04:12PM erik commented:

I chanced upon your site through my interest in woodcut printing. I liked what you put together, and your examples (although nothing new for me). The reason I write this is that I like the way you write, think and design. It is refreshing and snappy. I've now bookmarked your site! Don't do that often!

At 30-11-2004 06:51AM katlhlee commented:

i like the way you incorperate the shell on a beach it could be just like a dead fish head or maybe a trodden can, you give movment dephth and charter to this compersition

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