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Maybe I have given up blogging for Lent. Oops, so much for that idea. Well, I've been kind of silent in this space. I haven't been all too geeky lately, to be honest. I've been exploring my creative side more, though it's all under the surface. No tip of the iceberg showing yet.

I've been working on printmaking again, although since I don't have access to a scanner, I can't post any of the prints I've made. I've been writing a story, though it's for a roleplaying game, so I can't post that publically and give away the plot to the players. But I have been having really strange, vivid dreams. I don't know if I'll post those here.

It's funny I find myself in a creative mood at the end of the summer. The weather's been getting colder. I would have thought the hot and turgid air a few weeks ago would have been more fertile. It certainly was in the plant world. The cucumbers are producing like mad. Although almost all of our poor little garbage-eating worms died of heat exhaustion. Off to K-Mart to buy more and replenish the stock. The mosquitoes continue to feast on my ankles. Itch. Itch.

Went to the movies. Watched Big Fish. It was cute, and well-rounded. But I liked the darkness that ran through Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas. Maybe it just didn't ring that special bell because I don't have any paternal issues. But I did like it.

Downloaded and installed Trillian-- that all-in-one instant messaging client. I was surprised that my old AIM and ICQ accounts still worked. And then I was surprised that people I hadn't really chatted with in ages messaged me. That was really cool.

It's funny how you can have someone's email address and never really talk to them unless there's a means of having a real-time conversation.

Tonight is printmaking class. I'm trying to make a lino cut print of Waterhouse's "A Mermaid." If it turns out well, perhaps I'll get a scanner, and show y'all.

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