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A few snapshots of my garden this morning.


I've been having fun puttering in my little courtyard garden lately. Most of it has been sown from seed, and in the balmy and wet Sydney summer, it's growing like crazy. Here are some little shots I took from my webcam this morning-- sort of a bug's eye view. You'll have to excuse the quality, though.

Photo of Snapdragons

The lemon thyme and snapdragons. This shot doesn't really do the colours justice-- I've got yellows, purples, pinks, oranges, and whites.

Photo of Cherry Tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes, which have lots of little green tomatoes all over them getting ready to ripen, and a bit of the butterbeans, which have produced enough bean pods to throw into next week's salad.

Photo of Cherry Tomatoes

Mr Wiggins' pride and joy: the habanero chiles. Mmm... spicy! Three ripe ones and dozens more getting ready to turn orange.

We've also got a Cos lettuce doing well, lots of capsicum (bell peppers), plenty of vine tomatoes in addition to the cherries, a big bushy perennial basil, and some coriander (cilantro) making a good start. We're waiting for some seeds to sprout as well: jalapeño, oregano, parsley, and nasturtium. Looks to be a tasty summer.

At 12-02-2004 07:24AM meg commented:

I had to check the date of the post. You have a garden in February!

Guess you knew that we would all want to anticipate spring with pictures or thyme and snapdragons. I'm a confessed seed freak.

Thanks for the sneak peek of how our gardens will grow.

At 19-02-2004 02:35PM ARJ commented:

After having been hear a year I still can't get over Christmas in the middle of summer. That's why I call it "Bizarro World." :-)

At 23-02-2004 05:35PM Anita commented:

It's looking good. And obviously keeping you busy :)

At 27-10-2005 08:43AM jessica commented:

how long dose it take to grow butter beans

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