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Andrea's iPod adventure: this was going to be a post written in anger, but it all turned out well before I could get time to type it up.

All Dressed Up for the Party

Never has a piece of hardware caused such an emotional roller coaster. Even the rigors of setting up my own server from a bunch of leftovers from my last job didn't cause me this much mingled frustration and excitement.

I'll back up to the beginning of December. My dad arrived on Wednesday, and we had a relaxing day hanging out and getting him orientated. I went back to work for the next two days to finish off the week before I took the rest of his visit off. We kicked off the holiday that Friday night by going to my office Christmas party.

Adam and I at the party

The party was held at Darling Harbour on this big barge called the Aquashell. Strangely enough, even though we were floating on the water, it was decided that the party wasn't complete without a compulsory pool competition.

My dad, the pool shark

The pool tables were tilted, and every time a big boat circled by (which was about every five seconds), a little bit of randomisation was thrown into the results of your shot. Adam and I were a team, and we quickly lost two games, then settled back to munch on sushi and watch my dad's team and others fight it out for the championship.

Standing by the water

But champions didn't get much in this competition, except for the honor of being good at wobbly (and by the end, fairly drunken) pool. In deference to some folks (ahem) who complained about the inherent unfairness of the nature of the competition (since their wobbly and drunken pool skills weren't up to the very high bar of others'), it was decided that, in the end, the competition's prizes would be determined by random drawing, based on how your team placed in the competition. Guess whose number got pulled?

The prize? Two brand new 10GB Apple iPods, one for each team member. Adam, my dad and I were all grinning at the irony as we squeezed home through the crowds (until we tried to find a taxi-- which is another story). I planned out a small guide to post here: How to Win iPods by Sucking at Pool.

So you'd think it would end there, all happy and giddy (except for the taxi thing-- we gave up after a half an hour and caught a bus) with our sparkling iPods nestled in their elegantly designed boxes, waiting glimmeringly to be opened and danced around with like those goofy shadow people in the day-glo iPod ads. You'd think.

No, these iPods were so special and new that they could only be used with firewire. If you were one of those poor, backward sods that had three year old hardware (ancient) with no firewire support, well-- too bad, monkey! Not to mention your deficient outdated operating system (Mac OS 9) phhhhff... what were you still doing with that old clunker? It's not supported with your shimmery, shiny new iPod. OK, so wait around for the holidays to end and the Apple Store to open so I can buy a USB cable and go back to work and try it out with my Windows machine there. It works with Windows, right?

Well, it was supposed to. Flash forward to the beginning of January. A $35 cable has been purchased, and my shiny iPod got scratches on it in transit (sniff!). But still, I eagerly awaited the chance to commute with my favourite music pouring into my ears, drowning out the squeeky screechy clackety of the train with the songs of the sirens. Well, some technobabble later, I was sitting there with an iPod that still didn't have any songs on it. And I couldn't figure out why. No one could. My iPod just didn't want to get any music on it. So I spent a week in a tantrum about it, whinging to Mr Wiggins about it and concluding that I had a very nicely designed 10GB paperweight.

He has the patience of a saint sometimes, does Mr Wiggins.

Anyway, I was all ready to write a pouty blog entry about it, until, sort of by accident, I discovered the problem on Monday. We also simultaneously managed to get my iPod to sync with Adam's laptop, even though Linux isn't officially supported. So I've been boppin' along to work this week, and boppin' back home, and it's so much cooler to listen to music than that crazy guy muttering to himself while he sits across from me on my way home.

I was going to write this blog entry about how I was going to originally write my blog entry entitled "Nyah, Nyah" in which I would brag about my iPod, but in the meta-blog entry I would write about how karma spanked me for wanting to brag by making my iPod not work properly.

But now that it's working again...

Nyah, nyah!

Me holding my new precious!

At 14-01-2004 12:20PM Etherblade commented:

Go get your guitar and MAKE some music, fiend!

At 15-01-2004 10:40AM ARJ commented:

Don't gimme no jibbajabba! Go get it for me, foo!

At 10-04-2005 02:24PM blazingstar commented:

this place has 2 much writing!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10-04-2005 02:25PM blazingstar commented:

Say hi to me at
I need a friend 2 chat 2!

At 18-05-2005 02:48PM ARJ commented:

Well, blazingstar, you may wish to consider one of the many instant message chat clients out there, rather than leaving comments on random old weblog entries. :-)

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