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I'm really fascinated by our own mental image of our faces. Here is a little experiment I conducted with my dad at Inter.Face. And a little addendum about my dad's latest post at Lunch Money.

Faces I Remember

I started going through this book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain a while ago. One of the exercises was to draw your own face from memory, and one was to draw a face of another person. It was really hard, and both faces were really cartoonish. You know your own face, but somehow your memory also distorts your features, emphasising certain things out of proportion or ignoring other aspects. Memory is emotional.

My dad saw my Inter.Face avatar and he built one of his own, and showed it to me. Then we decided to try something where we'd "draw" each other using Inter.Face. After I made up my face for my dad, I saw an interesting comparison.

Comparison of Faces

I won't write my conclusions here. I'm interested to see if other people see what I saw. The top three faces are all my dad's at different times in his life. The first two are from before I was born. The last one is when my niece KateLynn was born and I was in high school. The bottom two are the Inter.Face images we made. The one on the left was my dad's and the one on the right was mine.

Speaking of my dad, I'm going to plug his latest entry on Lunch Money. My dad didn't often speak with me about his experiences in Vietnam. But I do remember when I was seven, and the three of us went to Washington, DC together. I remember the big black wall. I don't remember him talking about Cleve, but it was a long time ago, and I was a little girl.

At 14-11-2003 02:25PM The Dad commented:

While I was trying to chase down Cleve, Andrea was chasing bugs aroud the lawn and garden around the Wall. The memorial is oddly wonderful that way. It is both for the dead and the living.

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