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I'm missing a good old-fashioned spooky Halloween.

Springtime in Bizarro World

Happy NaNoWriMo. It's All Saint's Day already here on the other side of the world, and I have resigned myself to being a genuine grownup.

Have you ever read Ray Bradbury? Or at least Something Wicked This Way Comes? I think I've read nearly all of his stories and novels. One thing I really dig about Ray is his utter love of Halloween. Not Halloween where you x-ray your candy and your parents walk you to pre-designated trick-or-treating businesses in a well-lit downtown shopping area. Real Halloween. One that's dark and creepy and a little bit dangerous because of its mystery. One where kids rule the night for once, not thrust into bed before 9:30. One where we all get to go a little bit crazy and revel in our inner shadows as the year dies.

I've loved Halloween. I love the way dressing up makes you feel like you're taking on a secret persona. I love the chill of the coming autumn and how the dying year makes me feel that much more alive. Heck, I even love free candy although I haven't been trick or treating since I was in high school.

I haven't had a real Halloween in a long friggin' time.

Last year was OK, but if I had known then what I know now, I definitely would have tried harder. Oak Harbor was one of those places where everyone took their kids for a stroll down the main street at 7:00pm and got candy from the shops. In other words, it was so boring it made you want to rip your eyes out of your head. I had my friend Ryan over and we were watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. One group of kids stopped by, and they loved it because we gave them lots of treats-- what else were we going to do with all that candy? Giant grasshoppers were taking over the world in the movie and I had a couple of pumpkins. It wasn't so bad. But it was a far cry from a real one. And the years before that, I was moving or other things were happening, and during college I never had the time and...

I guess I can't blame the Aussies too much for not really getting into Halloween. For one thing, we've all just sprung forward and it doesn't get dark until about 7. The weather's been getting quite warm and everything's starting to bud and grow. The milieu just isn't right.

But I can't say it's not disappointing. There's no Halloween equivalent during the seasonal fall. So I'll have to live without my spooky holiday for a while yet. I just hope that the next time I get a chance to celebrate Halloween, I won't be too boring to appreciate it.

At 02-11-2003 07:53AM meg commented:

I was wondering about the celebration of Halloween last night and geographically where it is popular. You just answered part of that. We don't dress up but we take polairoid photos of each trick-or-treater and put it in the bag with thier candy. Last year we had 160, this year maybe 80. Lots of film left. It did rain a bit.

I came here to let you know that you were invited to the Women and Tech Blog Prom.

Have a great weekend.

At 03-11-2003 04:02PM The Dad commented:

I listened on NPR this All Hallows Eve, as the myth of children being victimized by tainted treats was dispelled by a Professor who had researched the subject. To make a long story short, he found no proof that any child had ever been hurt are injured by tainted treats. All the reported cases proved to be false or were the result of actions by a family member. One more time the myth becomes reality. So phooey on the "be afraid crowd". Go spook the neighborhood. (just watch out for bad drivers, that is where more serious injuries occur).

At 19-11-2003 04:17AM jeski commented:

random aussie visitor.. XD

When I was little I used to get upset that Americans were the only ones who got to celebrate Halloween, and me and a group of kids from my neighbourhood used to dress up and trick or treat anyway. We usually ended up with rubbish like apples and chocolate biscuits and some mean people actually gave out leaflets explaining that Halloween was an evil American tradition. o_o Didn't stop us from having fun anyways. =D

At 03-05-2006 09:22PM sinister commented:

in Australia, we do celebrate halloween, but we dont send our kids knocking on strangers doors asking for lollies, but the day is still observed on a family level, hell we have partys for anything, my last party was a cyclone party, so Halloween, sure why not.

At 26-06-2006 08:50AM jesso commented:

lollies are cool!!!!!!!!!!

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