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Introduction to The Daily Geek.

Reinventing Myself

My significant other Adam (whom I affectionately refer to as Mr Wiggins, 'cause that's just the way we are) often gets annoyed with the mutability of ARJLog, my old weblog. I kept changing the design around all the time. Well, I suppose he'll be especially peeved now, as I'm in the middle of changing everything. This isn't new behavior on my part. I'm one of those weird people who likes to fiddle with everything. My hair (I've had it as long as it can grow to cut to three inches, blonde, black, red, turquoise, and natural dark brown), my clothing styles (all, however, consistently unfashionable), my interests (from drawing and poetry to programming and computing to hiking and scuba diving to... well, you get the idea).

So welcome to The Daily Geek. This is the place I hope my parents will come to check up on me, since I am living on a different continent and hemisphere from them, and long distance phone calls are expensive. This is where I expect my friends to read up on my amusing little anecdotes. This is not a place where I expect to be taken seriously.

In order to assuage my spastic desire for differentness, I've created several schisms in my blog ARJLog, given them all their own titles and designs, and placed them in various places on various web sites. While this may confuse and belabor some, it's my ultimate hope that it makes it easier for a) me to jump around more easily from topic to topic of interest, by providing more focused arenas for expression, and b) for other people to filter out the junk I produce that they're not interested in, while still being able to read some humble posting of mine they might enjoy.

Geeze that was way too wordy.

So anyway, here is where daily updates will live. And to the right I'll have links to other more specialized topics-- The Geek Icon for techy stuff, and Nerd Dice for those people who follow my roleplaying adventures. (If you didn't think I was geeky before, I bet you definitely do now). Over at JNGM will be some more artisticky stuff, though at the moment it's monopolized by my writing journal, All Things White and Circular.

I hope that clarifies things. Probably not, but you can't say I didn't try.

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This is the weblog of a computer geek with a thousand interests, documenting the ins and outs, ups and downs of her daily life. A dual citizen of the US and Australia who has settled (for the time being) in Sydney. Read more about her on the bio page.

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